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Gateway Protection against Web-Borne Threats

The internet is, without a doubt, the #1 vector for threats to your company’s network security. Everything from run of the mill malware and phishing attacks to far more dangerous ransomware. The threat takes many forms… an email that claims to be from a legitimate vendor asking them to reset their password or track a package. The takes you to a page that looks completely real but is actually a malicious website with a phony password reset page. The user is prompted for their login name and password and then told to “reset their password.” The user has just provided an attacker with login information for whatever account…vendor or bank…that they were pretending to be. In addition, most users re-use passwords across multiple accounts and so, that attacker can now try that password on multiple sites.

There is also spam emails with links to what appears to be a Xerox document or a FedEx tracking page. Again, users are used to seeing this sort of thing and so they click on the link. They end up running the payload housed on a malicious website. The ransomware hijacks their network documents and sometimes more until a ransom is paid…and even then, if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the decrypt key will ever be provided.

Malicious websites are just the tip of the iceberg avoiding them is crucial to maintaining a safe network environment. Network security experts agree that the best defense is a layered approach. Our new Phalanx is a key element of any bulwark.

Phalanx is the entry tier of our new cloud-based security service. It blocks access to over 15 million known malicious websites and allows for the implementation of web domain filtering policies using categories and customized lists. With this service we provide reporting and analytics relating to web security.

Here are a few of the features Phalanx provides:

• Base URL Filtering by category database
• Malware Site Protection
• Phishing and Fraud Sites Protection
• Block Anonymous Proxies
• Roaming Endpoint Agent
• Domain Blacklisting and Whitelisting
• Location Based Configuration
• No Hardware No Install
• 24/7/365 monitoring
• Detailed and Customizable Reporting

This service is included in our flat rate support agreements and is offered a la cart for a rate based upon the number of systems defended.

Combined with our “default deny” based Advanced Endpoint Protection you and your data are safe and sound.

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