3 Simple Rules of Customer Service

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3 Simple Rules of Customer Service

3 Simple Rules of Customer Service

1. Be responsive.

Support requests can come in when you least expect them and often when you’re right in the middle of something.

Take the time to answer as soon as you can. Our customers are our reason for existing, so making sure you solve their problems and alleviate concerns as quickly as possible will help them to see that you care and appreciate their business.

Show them that you are dedicated to providing quality in our service. Show them that you are a part of their team..

2. Be a good listener.

Listen on every channel; listen to every concern and complaint. These are our tickets to improving our relationship with the customer and improving our service.

We will NEVER use automated responses. If we are responding to customer support issue  by giving them a link to an FAQ or knowledge base, or if we never follow up afterwards, we have failed at customer support.

We have to listen, read every word, and respond individually to the customer’s needs.

3. Be proactive and make adjustments.

The concerns our customers bring up are vital in knowing how to improve for the next customer.

Take their advice, find out where we went wrong, then make changes to assure that the issue doesn’t creep up again. This applies to everything from the way we interact with our customers to how we maintain their systems.

Not only will we be saving time in the long run by reducing the amount of support issues we receive, we will also be making more customers happy while delivering a better service and creating less down time and thus, saving them money..