Our Story

After 18 years in the IT industry, I found that there were huge gaps in the services being provided. Having worked for companies ranging from large restaurant chains to small break fix companies and most of everything in between, I found that small and medium sized businesses in particular were not receiving the services they needed to function and grow. This even applied to the non-profits I came across. There had to be a better way.

So, in 2009, I formed PWH Technology Solutions with a good friend and started down the road to entrepreneurship. We decided that the company would be veteran owned and operated and we decided that the company would stay debt free so, for the first few years, my business partner and I worked full-time jobs in addition to running the company.

In 2012, Steve left the company and we rebranded. We became “Gnosys” in honor of a friend who passed very young and who wanted to retire by starting a company named “Gnosys Games.”

Gnosys (nō′sĭs) an intuitive understanding of truths and knowledge.

This was not only an appropriate name for an IT company. It also helped to form our basic tenets:

Knowledge  |  Insight  | Fidelity

Our goal was and will always be to deliver integrated, long-term IT management solutions to the small and medium sized business at an affordable price.

Jim Houston,

Founder, Owner, COO

Our Team

Jim Houston – Owner, CIO, & CFO



Jim was born in New Jersey but grew up in South Florida the son of a Dade County Deputy Sheriff. After serving 10 years in the US Army Special Operations Command he attended college at Murray State University and Washington University receiving a Master’s Degree in History.
After spending 10 years in Nashville, TN as Director of Information technology for Shoney’s corporation, Jim and his family returned to Gainesville where he founded PWH Technology Solutions, later rebranding as Gnosys Networks in memory of a friend that passed away at a very young age.

Jim has over twenty three years of IT experience with a focus in user support, virtualization and disaster recovery. He holds several industry certifications including MCSE, A+, Server + and Net +, as well as many software vendor specific certifications including Dell, VMware, 3CX, Seagate, GeoVision and EnGenius.

Jim spends his down time target shooting, playing tactical simulation games and is learning to cut gem stones. He’s the proud owner Gnosys Networks

James Houston – System Support Manager



James was born in Florida, but spent the majority of his life in Nashville, Tennessee. James moved back to Gainesville with his family
years in 2008.

After graduating from the International Baccalaureate program at Eastside High School, James became an intern at Gnosys Networks in 2015 in order to learn the skills required for a career in IT. In 2017, James became an A+ certified technician and was promoted to a system support technician. James plans to continue learning and working on his skills
to become a better technician.

Morgan Wright – System Support Technician


Morgan is our lead support technician. She is from Trenton, Florida but has been living in Gainesville the past two years. Her passion for technology began in high school, where she was heavily involved in the engineering program. There, she acquired multiple industry certifications including: AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, and 3Ds Max. She now studies information technology at Santa Fe College. Morgan spends most of her time either zipping around the city getting clients up and running or blasting music in the office while she fixes PCs.

While not studying or working, Morgan likes playing the piano, biking, and hanging out with friends.

David Galland – Business Developer


David is our resident marketer and business developer. Originally from Barcelona Spain, David moved to the U.S. at a young age and began a lifelong interest in technology. Graduating top 10% from Lincoln Park Academy in 2017 he earned his HS and IB Diploma, he immediately shipped off to Gainesville to continue his education.

His ongoing education and longtime hobbies have given David a large swathe of technology and computer experience, including 5 programming languages, 2 self-run websites, Adobe certifications, and more than a dozen computers built and many more repaired. He continues adding more notches to his belt here at Gnosys, learning how best keep networks secure and in one piece. You may even see him hop on and help the tech team whenever he can.

In his free time David organizes and participates in multiple D&D games, paints miniatures, plays a few instruments and generally just likes hanging out with his one-eyed cat named Davy Jones.

Alex Thomas – Lead Installer


Alex is our lead installer. An electrician by trade, he lends his years of training and experience in installation and hardware deployment to allow Gnosys to tackle any project, literally doing the heavy lifting.

Alex spends his free time bouncing between taekwondo, the game store, and helping everyone at the office 3D print anything they want.

About our Company

I started Gnosys Networks because I found a real gap in managed services companies- no one was offering high-quality support or virtualization for small and medium sized businesses. The large virtualization software and service providers are focused on government and large corporate clients. Small to mid-size businesses are largely neglected by corporate service providers.

Our goal is to deliver integrated, long-term IT management solutions to the small and medium sized business community at an affordable price.

We also have a focus on non-profit organizations and provide discounted support rates to help them bring their services to the public.

Jim Houston
Chief Operating Officer Chief Information Officer