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About Us

Gnosys Networks is a 100% veteran owned and operated company.

After 18 years in the IT industry and working for companies ranging from  a large South Eastern US restaurant chains to Small break \ fix companies and most of everything in between, I found that there were huge gaps in the services been provided to small and medium businesses as well as non-profits. I decided that there had to be a better way.

So, in 2009, I formed PWH Technology Solutions with a good friend and started down the road to entrepreneurship. We decided that the company would be veteran owned and operated and we decided that the company would stay debt free so, for the first few years, my business partner and I worked full-time jobs in addition to running the company.

In 2012, Steve left the company and I rebranded. I changed the name of the company to Gnosys in honor of a friend who passed very young and who wanted to retire by starting a company named “Gnosys Games.”

Gnosys (nō′sĭs) is defined as an intuitive understanding of truths and knowledge. This seemed an appropriate name for an IT company. It also helps to form the basic tenets of the company:

Knowledge  |  Insight  | Fidelity

About our Company

I started Gnosys Networks because I found a real gap in managed services companies- no one was offering high-quality support or virtualization for small and medium sized businesses. The large virtualization software and service providers are focused on government and large corporate clients. Small to mid-size businesses are largely neglected by corporate service providers.

Our goal is to deliver integrated, long-term IT management solutions to the small and medium sized business community at an affordable price.

We also have a focus on non-profit organizations and provide discounted support rates to help them bring their services to the public.

Jim Houston
Chief Operating Officer \ Chief Information Officer