Are you protected?

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Are you protected?

Are you protected?

Today, many small business owners are facing issues that threaten the integrity of their

companies, the jobs of employees, and most importantly, their livelihoods. Incidents such as slip-

and-falls, employee theft, and false workers compensation claims are common “get rich quick”

schemes in the restaurant trade. In order to protect the business you have built, the solution to

such reoccurring problems is the implementation of a security system.

Security systems are crucial to protecting your business and enabling you to hold employees and

patrons accountable. While the benefits may appear obvious, security cameras are much more

than a crime stopper. In order to clear misconceptions: security cameras are not a 100%

guarantee in preventing crimes. The cameras are nothing more than a deterrent that provides

evidence to convict the criminal. While shoplifting and robbery are the first thing that come to

mind when implementing a camera system, most businesses lose more revenue from internal

theft compared to loss from shoplifting or robbery. Internal theft or fraud accounts for an

average of 7% loss of revenue for most businesses. Businesses with security cameras have

significantly less revenue loss from both internal and external sources. Security cameras are the

best way to provide a description of a perpetrator, or to assist law enforcement in the

investigation of the crime.

Financially speaking, the loss of revenue most businesses suffer is far more costly than the

expense of having a security camera system installed and maintained. Your business is an

endeavor that you have not only put money into building, but also countless hours. When saving

your business money and strife is as easy as installing a few cameras, why not?