Driving in Traffic

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Driving in Traffic

Driving in Traffic

Getting traffic to your website is a challenge on the best of days. Business owners create a website, they write content, they even sign up for social media accounts and still they have little to no traffic.

Why? It’s generally because the business owner didn’t know about search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a way to get search engines like Google or Yahoo! to rank your website higher in search results. Since about 80% of people click on one of the first 3 links, the higher your website ranks the more traffic you should see.

So how do you optimize your site?

  1. Content is King

It’s true. Search engines work to try to get the most relevant results to the people searching.

There are lots of things that impact how “relevant” your content is. The biggest factor is the benefit that your content provides the searcher. If your content is not informative and digestible, people ae not going to read it and your rankings will slip.

Your content needs to solve a person’s problem, teach them something, entertain them etc. It can’t just be words on a page. What you write needs to be actionable or provide them with a path to an outcome. So the next time you are writing something for your website, ask yourself “is this information going to help someone?”


  1. Backlinks

Piggy-backing off of content is backlinking. The better your content, the more likely it is that someone who is writing for another website is going to link to one of your articles and backlinks are one of the ways that search engines decide how good your site is. The idea is that the more external sites that link to content on your page, the better or more relevant your content…and therefore your site…must be.

Creating useful content and posting on social media and other blogs is a great way to build an effective backlink profile over time. Building backlinks isn’t difficult but it is time consuming and tedious…it is also critical.


  1. Keyword Density

Keywords are another way that search engines decide how relevant your site is. So take some time and do some research.

Keyword research isn’t difficult. Like any job, you just need to use the right tools. Google is thoughtful enough to provide Keyword Planner which is an excellent tool for deciding which keywords you should be using. The planner will show you how many searches for a particular keyword are made each month. It will also suggest other keywords you might want to shoot for.


Is SEO all I need?

Of course not. All SEO is going to do is drive traffic to your site. Increased traffic will mean more exposure and more exposure provides more opportunity for your business to be contacted. It is critical to understand that SEO is not a panacea for your sales pipeline woes.

The long and short if it is that SEO is a great way to get your business noticed and Gnosys Networks can help with your SEO needs. Higher rankings on Google cannot make your phone ring but not ranking can certainly prevent it.