Everything You Always Wanted to Know About a Managed Service Provider but Were Afraid to Ask… well, Almost everything.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About a Managed Service Provider but Were Afraid to Ask… well, Almost everything.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About a Managed Service Provider but Were Afraid to Ask… well, Almost everything.

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that is responsible for the day-to-day tasks or services that it takes to keep your network up and running.  An MSP will traditionally manage and monitor an organization’s computers, servers, router, switches, wireless devices and any other system required for their IT infrastructure to work. Typically, an MSP also provides help desk services and support, like having an on-site IT technician.


One major advantage of an MSP over an on-site tech is the amount of expertise and experience. MSPs hire and train high-level support technicians that are able to provide support to clients. Instead of a single tech’s skills, your company has multiple techs available with a variety of skills and years of experience. This equates to savings, responsiveness, and efficiency for your company.

Many MSPs offer a flat rate, subscription style support service. This provides a predictable cost center. Not only is the cost involved with having an on-site tech pushed to the MSP, the service provider will also provide utilities and tools as well as training for the techs that would otherwise fall to the client.

MSPs should be making use of best-in-class tools and utilities to ensure that the service provided is top notch.

How this Works

The MSP should start things off by scheduling a site survey- a thorough review of systems and procedures that are already in place in your company. This will allow the MSP to be certain of what they are getting into, set expectations for the potential partner and to find opportunities that can help the client run smoothly and save money. Additionally, the MSP should use this assessment to discover any challenges this potential partner may be facing such as cost reduction, limiting vulnerability \ liability, system restrictions, etc.

An MSP should function as an extension of your company… as a partner. This relationship brings extreme value to the table and adds to organizational success.

Now for the $100,000 Question…

Why choose Gnosys Networks as your Managed Service Provider?

Knowledge – Gnosys is the Greek word for knowledge, especially hidden knowledge. Most people view their computer networks as mysterious and secret knowledge. Over 50 years of combined experience means that we have the ability to shed light on the hidden and keep things running.

Insight – Our team has a broad range of experience from Point of Sale support to Defense Industry to health-related systems to construction and law firms. This experience means that it’s unlikely that we will come across anything new and, when we do, that same experience means that we will be able to figure it out quickly.

Fidelity – We, as a company and I as its owner, have a duty to provide top notch service to our clients and to always act in their best interest. We will always choose solutions that best fit the needs of our clients, not just what is best or easiest for us.

Veterans – Our company is 100% veteran owned and operated. What this means to our clients is that we understand the ideals of duty and commitment.

Gnosys uses a proven approach.  We focus on strategic planning in order to get on top of your network support needs. This method allows us the ability to provide rapid response (most times immediate) when our clients do have an issue.

If you are interested in discussing how Gnosys Networks can help your company grow and thrive, please contact us via email at info@gnosysnetworks.com or call our offices at 352.870.2034