Is Your Web Site Secure

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Is Your Web Site Secure

Is Your Web Site Secure

Chrome 68 was released yesterday. This update will now prominently mark all non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not Secure.’

If you have not enabled HTTPS for your website, any visitors running the current version of Chrome will be greeted by a “Not Secure” tag at the beginning of the URL.  The ‘Not Secure,’ tag is Google’s way of letting your visitors know that there is no SSL Certificate and so your connection to the site is not encrypted.

Anything sent over a normal HTTP connection is in plain text. This includes passwords or credit card information making you vulnerable to any number of attacks such as “man in the middle”.

With the prominent “Not Secure” tag, it is possible that visitors to your site may think the site is not legitimate or spoofed. This is problematic for businesses, especially.

Setting up an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS on a website is simple and not prohibitively expensive. There are a variety of services out there or you can contact your site management or Managed Service Provider to assist. If you don’t have a managed service provider, call us!

Benefits to moving to HTTPS:

  • Improves Google rankings and SEO
  • Improves website security and privacy
  • Increases credibility and improves customer confidence
  • Improves website speed, as HTTP2 is faster than HTTP
  • Makes surfing over public Wi-Fi safer

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