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Virtualization is a tried and true architecture that allows multiple computers (VM’s) to run on a single physical host. These computers can be workstations, servers or even appliances like routers and switches. Among the many benefits are cost savings in hardware, business continuity and fault tolerance as well as data protection.

On top of all that, it’s a green IT technology. By reducing the number of physical hardware, you are reducing your energy consumption and it also means a reduction in the power it takes to cool a server room.

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Introduction to Virtualization

Network Security

Keeping your data safe is critical in today’s cyber environment. Vigilance is key. With Gnosys Networks, you get the reassurance of a company with experience in maintaining data integrity and security on your side. We will work with you to implement and manage security solutions that are truly effective. Don’t think you are a target?

* In 2016 72% of all known data breaches were companies with fewer than 100 employees
On average it takes 45 days to fully recover from a cyber attack. This does not include issues involving compromised data
“Simply put, it is possible to have convenience if you want to tolerate insecurity; but if you want security, you must be prepared for inconvenience.” – General Benjamin Chidlaw

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