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Still Running Windows 7?

Still Running Windows 7?

If your business has already migrated to Windows 10, you can stop reading this post, mark it off your list and go about the rest of your day. But, if you have even one computer running Windows 7, then this post will serve as a brief road map for what the next two years will bring.

Windows 7 End-of-Life Support. What does that mean?

Microsoft no longer offers free software technical support for Windows 7. They stopped on January 13, 2015. Your operating system will continue to receive patches and updates through January 1, 2020. However, after January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer offer support of any kind for Windows 7. You will be on your own, alone in the cold. No more security patching and no more technical support from Microsoft.

I can hear you saying, “But that’s two yeeeeaaars from now.” However, if you have a large number of computers that are crying out to be upgraded, scheduling and deployment of a new operating system roll out can take quite a bit of time.

Why is this important for your company?

Continuing to use Windows 7 after January 1, 2020 has one single major danger: no more security patches. This means an immediate vulnerability to malware attacks. It takes about sixty days for hackers to dig into a new security patch and find the opportunities to access a computer. This is one of the reasons for the birth of “Patch Tuesday.” On the second Tuesday of every month Microsoft releases security patches. Since Microsoft patches are known to be suspect, at Gnosys we deploy these patches to all of our managed clients within 2 weeks. This allows time for testing to make sure that the patches are not going to break anything while still applying the security updates before the sixty day window.

When the security patches stop, it won’t be long before a new virus is having its way with dated networks. Most recently several Ransomware outbreaks like WannaCry and Petya took advantage of a vulnerability found in old XP security patches.

How Gnosys can help?

Despite being two years away from the Windows 7 end date, if any computers in your network are still running on Windows 7 you should consider having a plan in place to upgrade. We can help you spread the cost out over time and save you headaches in the future. We can develop and implement an upgrade plan. Please call 352.870.2034 or email We would be happy to assist.

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